Access to our online shop.

This page allows you to access our online shop on the Internet

This new means of communication is yours. It allows you to order your wines from a bottle.

All orders placed on this website must comply with the delivery methods provided in the order form.

Our deliveries are planned on Metropolitan France. For any other destination (export, for example), please contact us by phone or mail.

Delivery methods:

Withdrawal to the castle

Colissimo 1 bottle
Colissimo 2 bottles
Colissimo 3 bottles
Colissimo 6 bottles
Carrier 12 bottles and +
Attention, it is the customer to check well before confirming his order that mode of delivery is indeed the one he expects.
If, however, a delivery method error appears n a purchase order, we will allow to contact the customer to correct it and
it and to cover the payment of the shipping costs.  

Payment methods :

- by credit card
This mode uses the secure 3D payment protocol
This solution allows a better authentication of the cardholder during purchases made, requires you to create (if you do not have one) a user account (free), and assigns you an access code that has no relationship (and should under no circumstances be confused) with the PIN you use to withdraw money from the bank.
This code you will be assigned, will then be valid for all shopping sites equipped with 3D secure on which you will go shopping!

Warning, the authentication protocol is different depending on the customer's bank. For some it will be allocated via SMS, for others, it is a code for life that is issued when the first use of the 3D secure...

- by cheque
This means that you can override an order that will only be validated upon receipt of your check sent by post.

- By payment for collection
You will use this method of payment if you wish to withdraw your order directly to the property.
No shipping is required.
On the spot you can pay your bill as you wish (credit card, cheque ou money)